• Fill in the Return For Repair form below and print the form.
  • Pack your instrument securely for shipping.
  • Do not send brackets, cables, manuals, straps, protection bag, etc. We will not be responsible for any loose items.
  • Include the Return For Repair form along with your instrument.
  • Send instrument by insured carrier to:
    Bräuniger GmbH 
    Dr.-Karl-Slevogt-Straße 5 
    D-82362 Weilheim 

Payment now can be done by using the Paypal port. After service you will get a proforma invoice with all payment details. If you arn't registered at Paypal you may do this by a link we ad to our mail. Our Paypal account is info@brauniger.com

After we made a check and estimate of repair costs but you don't want a repair we may ask for a service charge of 40 EUR.