The electrical, emission free drive systems HPD 10 and HPD 13,5 open up entirely new vistas for the pilots.

An absolutely vibration free, nearly soundless take-off and flying WITHOUT CO2-emission. 
Starts in flat country, in suburban area, on grassland, or on the beach, and landing at the same location – suddenly flying becomes a possibility anywhere and at all times. Neither incline nor towing service are required, and due to the propulsive thrust of the electric drive systems an outlanding and then organising the return belong to the
discomfort of the past.
This will not only save you time and money, but also a lot of stress. 


And: for the first time it is possible to schedule  precisely the time involved for your hobby, because you will certainly be back at the right time, and your loved ones will not have to wait for your return.
Take advantage of reliable thermals at any locations which you couldn’t reach up to now. You will enlarge the number of possible flying spaces by a multiple! 
The brushless HPD 10 / HPD 13.5 drives are absolutely maintenance free. There are not any longer motor parts being subject to mechanical wear.


HPD 10


HPD 13.5