Flytec offers two different types of accumulators:

  • Battery packs composed of numerous single bucket cells being inter connected in parallel and serial mode on Li-Ion basis. The capacity of the battery pack is the total of parallel single cells

  • Battery packs composed of rectangular plate cells on Li-Ion polymer basis.

  • The capacity of the battery pack is equal to the capacity of one plate cell.

Both cell models are widely-used and tested in the industry, and also the automotive and tool manufacturing branch. These cells are products of the respective market leaders and they are in particular characterised by an invariable premium quality.

In regard to Lithium-accumulators and the important quantity of parallel interconnected bucket cells, the procedure of constant balancing at each recharging cycle is dispensable. The bucket cells are manufactured in mass production with an extremely high constancy, resulting in the fact that there is no noteworthy voltage drift. For charging the Lithium-Ion-accumulators, Flytec recommends the charging systems ACS 9 or ACS 9i with built-in capacity display.

Lithiuzm-Polymer accumulators are composed of single, series connected plates. Voltage of the single plates should be balanced during charging process. For this purpose Flytec offers the charging systems ACS 18 and ACS 18i. These devices provide a built-in balancing system, moreover the ACS 18i provides a capacity display.