HPD 13.5 – Обзор

The HPD 13,5 motor is a particularly lightweight, slow-running drive featuring very high specific performance characteristics at utmost efficiency. 
It is designed for the relatively low operating rotation speed of direct driven 2-blade air screws of 1.3 to 1.5 m diameter, having the highest possible efficiency but also a negligible sound level. It is indeed a (Polyphase Permanently magnet excited Synchronic Machine - PPS) being driven by a three-phase power output stage DST as brushless DC-motor.

The motor features under its rated power of electrical 10 kW in continuous operation at 52 V battery voltage a power input of 190A. It hereby achieves a nominal speed of 2100 min-1 and torque of 42 Nm. The limiting values are between 220 to 230 A in accordance to the cooling of the power output stage, or 50 Nm torque in short-term during the start-up phase.
Upon request it is possible to supply the motor for an even lower specific rotation speed/voltage.

The electric drive system manufactured by FLYTEC by Geiger/Eick is a downright high-tech product.In its performance class between 10 kW and 15 kW it is indeed world leader. With approx. 1 kW performance per 0,33 kg weight it achieves a power density, which is considered as being unmatched worldwide

The peak output of the electric HPD 10-drive system corresponds to approx. 50 times of a conventional bicycle-electric motor!

HPD 10 / HPD 13,5 feature an efficiency of energy conversion of approx. 94 %. This is an utterly peak value even for electric motors (in contrast to it certain bicycle-electric motors achieve a value of approx. 84 %, and a customary petrol engine a value of only approx. 5 %.)

HPD drive systems made by FLYTEC as well as all components are designed especially for lightweight, manned flying machines and thus provide all required characteristics for these special applications, such as:

  • optimal motor speed
  • optimal shape and size of the air screw in regard to performance efficiency and a sound level kept to a minimum, which is much lower than stipulated by legal requirements
  • optimal layout of all propellers (fixed and also folding design), suitable for the strains and speed ranges arising in the flying category of paragliders and hanggliders.

The concept of motor controller is perfectly fitted to the safety-related and ergonomic needs of the pilots. The hard- and software implemented for this purpose is compliant to the most recent regulations and guidelines of international industrial engineering. The entire drive system is protected worldwide effectively against reproduction by several Patent Registrations.

The HPD-drive systems manufactured by FLYTEC are suitable to be adapted  individually to market- and customer needs of light aircraft aviation.

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