Drive Management System

Brushless DC external rotor-type drives require an electronic control which enables the rotational movement in the first place. The three components: SDC, SDI and DST form a functional unit – the drive management system.

The setpoint value for motor voltage, as well as the motor start release are performed by the control unit SDI (Smart Drive Interface). The central control device SDC (Smart Drive Control) monitors all functions and relays the processed setpoint signal to the power output stage DST (Frequency Converter). Power is directly supplied from the accumulator to the power output stage DST. The device converts direct current into three-phase alternating current which forms in the stator the rotating field for the motor.

The SDC is indeed the centre element of the entire drive management. The SDC monitors the motor, the accumulator, the power, the release actuation and control functions. When developing the system, safety for the user and also for the motor was of paramount importance. Due to the presence of two independent processors monitoring of all operating conditions is performed. As soon as an unsafe condition is detected, irrespective if caused by defect or intolerable operating conditions, the SDC cuts-off the system. The drive is safely decelerated and subsequently switched to currentless mode. Due to the functioning principle of brushless DC external rotor-type drive it is impossible that it starts rotating.