Flytec 6015 GPS Ballon

The new FLYTEC 6015 GPS is now also available in special design for ballooners. The QNH display is practically to be seen permanently whereas the climb acoustics are switched-off.

Display for temperature of balloon fabric is not yet implemented.


  • dimensions: 138 x 74 x 23 mm
  • weight: 178 g (incl. batteries, without clamp)
  • power supply: 2 Alkaline batteries AA or NiMh-accumulators
  • operating time: > 40 hours with Alkaline batteries, continuous monitoring of battery voltage- and indicator,
  • operating temperature: -15 °C up to +50 °C
  • storage temperature: -30 °C up to +70 °C
  • warranty: 24 months
  • scope of supply: packed in carton box incl. Velcro backing, batteries and carry bag, USB cable, CD with Operation Manual and FlyChart software.

All technical data

Analog variometer

  • measuring range:
    ±10 m/s
  • scale: 
     0,2 m/s over the entire scale range, ± 20 ft/min x 100
    scale: 0,4 ft/min x 100

Digital variometer

  • measuring range:
    ±300 m/s or ft/min x 100
  • scale: 
    0.1 m/s or 0.1 ft/min x 100
  • Integrator: 
    adjustable from 1 up to 30 seconds

Vario acoustics sound opening

  • volume: 
    4 audio volume settings
  • climb acoustic:
    tone- and interval modulated, maximum interval frequency adjustable from 3 m/s up to 11 m/s
    adjustable response threshold
  • ASI (acoustic Skala Indikator):
    may be switched-on/off
  • sink acoustic:
    discreet sink acoustic tone and loud sink alarm, separately adjustable

Temperature display

  • measuring range:
    -20°C up to 76°C
  • display:
    °C or °F
  • scale:
    0,1°C or 0,1°F, can be calibrated

Altimeter (3 different altimeter measuring functions)

  • maximum altitude:
    12'300 m - scale: 1 m or 1 ft
  • QNH:
    indication of air pressure in hPa or in inHg
  • ALT 1:
    absolute altimeter
  • ALT 2:
    absolute- or relative altimeter
  • ALT 3:
    differential altimeter

Clock functions

  • real time clock: 
    12/24 h-mode with date and automatic calendar
  • stop watch:
    up to 99 h 59 min. 59 sec.
  • journey time:
    automatic trip time keeping

Indicator battery charge state

  • continuous monitoring of battery voltage- and indicator

multifunction display

  • compass rose, wind direction, Bearing, direction to last thermal

digital speedometer

  • measuring range:
    0 km/h up to 120 km/h
  • display:
    km/h, kts or mph
  • scale:
    1 km/h, 1 kt or 1 mph - 
    an be calibrated ± 50%

multifunction display, now altitude sequence

  • More pages: Menu,functional pages: glide ratio, wind indicator, Waypoints

lateral USB port

lateral port for speed sensor

Number of available satellites

Audio volume

Move your mouse pointer over the instrument image to see its various functions and display indicators in a tooltip.