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IQBasic GPS D IQBasic GPS D (1,181.9 kB)
IQBasic GPS EN IQBasic GPS EN (1,318.1 kB)
IQBasic GPS ES IQBasic GPS ES (1,311.4 kB)
IQBasic GPS FR IQBasic GPS FR (1,317.9 kB)
IQBasic GPS IT IQBasic GPS IT (1,172.2 kB)
IQBasic GPS PT IQBasic GPS PT (1,294.8 kB)
IQBasic GPS RU IQBasic GPS RU (1,906.4 kB)


Release Notes IQBasic GPS V1 3 07 [en] Release Notes IQBasic GPS V1 3 07 [en] (156.1 kB)

IMPORTANT: when updating from Firmware version 1.1xx to 1.3.07, it is mandatory to delete the flight memory after the update: Menu -> flights -> delete. Otherwise there might arise problems upon download of flights with Flychart or any other flight analysis software.nbsp] 

NOTE 1: For the instrument settings Flychart version 4.52.46 is required. After a new installation or a reinstallation of Flychart on newer Windows operating systems (Vista, Windows7) it may happen that the flasher does not work correctly anymore. We recommend to uninstall the USB drivers "PL-2303 USB serial" with the control panel and to reinstall the Prolific USB driver from our Web site. This should fix the problem.=>Download the Prolific Driver 

IQBasic GPS V1 3 07 D IQBasic GPS V1 3 07 D (1,364.5 kB)
IQBasic GPS V1 3 07 EN IQBasic GPS V1 3 07 EN (1,364.5 kB)
IQBasic GPS V1 3 07 ES IQBasic GPS V1 3 07 ES (1,364.5 kB)
IQBasic GPS V1 3 07 FR IQBasic GPS V1 3 07 FR (1,364.5 kB)
IQBasic GPS V1 3 07 IT IQBasic GPS V1 3 07 IT (1,364.5 kB)